The most beautiful things in this world don’t have a price tag !

Posted: February 12, 2012 in General

The most beautiful things in this world for you are not popular out  there to experience them in one go. You have to explore and experience them. Perhaps that is the majesty of life , savoring each single moment as you unravel the beauty that moment withholds until you come across it. I’ve recently come across this video where two tourists come across a spectacular phenomenon – murmuration( a flock of starlings). You  have to watch the video to know what I am talking about.


Their work looks pretty impressive. You can also take a look at their website.

These busy roads, rushing crowd just daze me. Most of them rush without having even the slightest idea about where they are headed. Hold on , there is nothing spectacular on the way ahead, it is all about enjoying and savoring the present moment in life.

I’ve got a thing to say about artists.  An artist should not be driven by the necessity to impress anyone else in this world. He should let his imagination flow and produce work that impresses him the most. He should take pride in being completely himself. He should believe that he is a class of his own. Then only shall the greatest pieces of art be produced. Here is one piece of music that I feel is sublime and ethereal.(The following one is a cover version)


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