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Previously, when we visit a new place it was completely about we enjoying the warmth of it…Now, all of our time is lost in figuring out spots to take cool pics and post them on Facebook… We enjoy just a little and the remaining time is lost in giving an impression to others that we enjoyed a lot …

I close my eyes and go back in time. December is the time of the year when I used to get back from school very enthusiastically to fly kites. The evening sky used to be very colorful with kites all around and the music of the birds returning to their homes. The gang rivalry in running after cut kites , selling the cut kites to other kids saying that the kite belongs to some legendry kite flyer, gossips about the special manja (kite flying thread) brought from Mumbai, I miss all that fun. Ever since I learnt kite flying I have always been flying kites this season but this December doesn’t seem to be the same. The evening sky is still the same except that it is replaced with flying machines connecting busy people in this busy world. Well, we gotta move on !!!

I was intrigued when I saw the following video that  looked more like a sneak peak into the future . They say  that “It sounds too good to be true, we know. But, that’s what we specialize in around here.”  One reason for me being so skeptical to believe what they claim is the fact that the present state of the art gesture recognition technologies are not capable of churning out something commercial like this . Also there is no word on their website to help us understand what kind of motion sensing technology they are using. If they really live up to their claim with out any hacks and if it is complete free motion 3D gesture recognition then it would truly be revolutionary.

Here are couple of interesting links to the discussion on what kind of technology they might be using. Most of them work on 3D processing and gesture recognition technologies so I believe their insights are valuable.

Quoting from the the discussions in those threads—

#”I’ve heard rumors they might be using something called electric field imaging. All I can find out about this technology is from these guys’ work: And that stuff was done in the 90’s. If they were able to track a hand back then, I guess over a decade someone could figure out how to track fingers as well. With the precision they’re boasting, I kind of doubt they are using time-of-flight camera’s or structured light…I could be wrong though”.

#”I think with a good structured light technique you might be able to get that accuracy. However, with 1/100th mm resolution, I cannot believe this thing can be powered off batteries over wireless, as hinted at in the video.”

#”I’ll take a wild guess that the operating principles have something to do with the theramin  but while the theramin only measures two capacitances, the Leap somehow is able to acquire and analyze multiple measurement channels to localize several objects”.

#”This definitely looks impressive. I am eager to see the hardware specifications – is it a camera? structured light? normal rgb? is it a sonar-like sensor, a laser”?

#”Very impressive! Possibly equipped with stereo or quadro IR cameras”.

# “It could be a more advanced version of this”.