We gotta move on ……… !!!

Posted: May 25, 2012 in General
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I close my eyes and go back in time. December is the time of the year when I used to get back from school very enthusiastically to fly kites. The evening sky used to be very colorful with kites all around and the music of the birds returning to their homes. The gang rivalry in running after cut kites , selling the cut kites to other kids saying that the kite belongs to some legendry kite flyer, gossips about the special manja (kite flying thread) brought from Mumbai, I miss all that fun. Ever since I learnt kite flying I have always been flying kites this season but this December doesn’t seem to be the same. The evening sky is still the same except that it is replaced with flying machines connecting busy people in this busy world. Well, we gotta move on !!!


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