Skateboards and other similar riding stuff explained for dummies.

Posted: June 11, 2012 in General
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Q. I don’t know much about skateboards. What are they?
A. Well, skateboards  are basically boards with wheels that you can ride on. This is how a  typical skateboard looks like.

Q.Who uses skateboards? Where is it popular?
A. Skateboarding is mostly popular among the youth  and teenagers.  It is  majorly popular in  United states and Europe.

Q.What is the difference between longboard and skateboard?
A.Longboard has bigger wheels and a bigger board so it is stable and easy to ride long distances. Skateboards are usually used for performing tricks   and are easier to carry as they weigh less when compared to Longboards. Longboards too have their own set of tricks that can be done on them.   This is the longboard that I  currently use.

Q.What is the price range of skateboards and longboards?
A. Skateboards  are relatively cheaper when compared to longboards. The prices of skateboards are typically  between $20 – $150 whereas longboards range between $60-$320.  You would get a decent skateboard for $50 and a decent longboard for $120.

Q. What are the things required for Skateboarding as a sport?
A. Skateboard, Shoes, Helmet,Knee and elbow pads, tools to tighten or loosen the skateboard/longboard are the basic equipment needed. Optionally you may get sliding gloves and skateboarding ramp too.

Q. What do I start with? Skateboard or Longboard?
A. I would advice you to start on a mid range longboard as it is cheaper and stable for beginners. You can move on to a better longboard once you get basic riding skills or buy a good skateboard if you want to practise some tricks.The first thing is to find your balance on the board. Although it takes a while it isn’t hard with some days of practise.

Q.How do they perform tricks with Skateboards?                                                                                  A. All the tricks are done just by taking advantage of the shape of the skateboard(nose and tail). They don’t require anything else other than just a normal skateboard .Tricks can only be done once you get good mastery of skateboard riding. The following video gives a very neat introduction to beginner skateboarding and tricks.

Similar fun riding Stuff


Unicycle is a single tire with pedals attached to it. Unicycling is not as popular as Skateboarding but you can find Unicyclists once in a while near parks etc. A unicycle typically costs about $100-120. Watch the following cool Unicycling tricks video.


Heelys are shoes with wheels at the heel side. Heelys are generally used by kids and are fun to ride. Though the heel side has wheels you can use them and walk normally when you want to. Usually Heelys come in the price range of $40-100 Watch the following tutorial to get you started with Heelys.

Caster Board [RipStik/WaveBoard]

Caster Board is a two-wheeled vehicle that is closely related to the skateboard. The major advantage with this is  that  you need not step off the board and push it like a skateboard or longboard. You can propel this board by sideways movement just by being on the board.You would get a decent Caster Board for about 40$. Watch the following video to know how to ride Caster Board.


SkateCycle is a self propelled skate that doesn’t have a hub(center part of wheel). It is driven with a similar mechanism as Caster Board and has the look of a miniature  cycle. It costs 150$ and it is an award winning design by . Watch the following video to get an idea of  skateCycle riding.


Scooter is very popular among school age kids and teenagers. It is relatively easier to ride when compared to skateboards. You can get a good Scooter for about $60. It is easily foldable so you can carry it in hand whenever you want to.

Three Wheeled Scooter

Three wheeled scooter is a chainless, pedal less device that can be rode by leaning to right and left alternatively without ever touching foot to the ground.  A typical three wheeled scooter ranges from $150 – $400 depending on the size and make quality. Watch the following video to understand the riding mechanism better.


Inline Skates[Roller Blades]

Inline skates are shoes with wheels attached to each pair. They have two, three, four, or five wheels arranged in a single line. Some of them have a heel stop to slow down while skating. You can get a good pair of roller blades for about $80.

So, that ends my small description of different kinds of riding stuff .  I believe rest of them are variants of the ones described here. However excuse me if I seemed to have  missed any important ones along the way.


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